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Our Approach


Fifteen years ago we saw offshoring as an option. We now see it as an imperative for competitive advantage.


Even multinationals can’t do it on their own. Several decades ago the world’s largest companies identified the growth potential available through offshoring. This same potential is now available to all companies, no matter the size.

Offshoring is one of the most powerful tools available to improve bottom-line results.

Although significant improvement in bottom line performance is perceived as the main benefit of offshoring, there are also many long-term benefits...

  • Almost bottomless pool of available resources, on short notice
  • Ability to reallocate part/all of the savings for high priority business needs IE: -
    • Rapid business expansion,
    • New product development,
    • More sales and marketing resources,
    • Improved customer service,
    • Quality control improvements,
    • Capital expenditure,
    • Reduction in borrowings/interest costs

Our clients have transformed their businesses through one strategic decision – to offshore.


The Indian government continues to contribute heavily to support the advancement of its technology and industrial/commercial capability, such as with India’s world class aerospace industry. India also had the foresight to invest in developing world class IT resources as early as the mid 1980’s. There’s has been a long-range strategy which is now reaping the rewards and making a significant contribution to India’s amazing economic growth.

The biggest IT players in the world recruit directly from Indian universities. Major global corporations such as IBM, Google, Apple and Microsoft have entire departments staffed with some of the finest technical intellects India has produced.

India is the fourth-fastest-growing economy with 7.2% projected growth, thanks in part to a rise in exports and an increase in government spending.
World Economic Forum – Future of Economic Progress 2017

India is on track to overtake the United Kingdom to become the world's fifth largest economy in 2018.
International Monetary Fund 2017

It’s natural to assume that by replacing jobs overseas, local jobs are going to be lost. While this is the case where clients choose to pocket 100% of the savings, it is quite an opposite outcome when clients opt to use the savings to fund growth and greater competitiveness. We have significant case studies where clients have used the offshoring benefits to move their companies from a “me too” status to industry leader. They have achieved this by working with us on long term offshoring strategies directed at building a mature model that funds expansion and lasting growth over several years, ultimately leading to that industry leading position.

In doing so, many of our clients have doubled and trebled their local workforce while adding more complex tasks to the offshore location as they become more comfortable with the level of expertise available through our overseas recruitment company. All this has been achieved through patience, careful planning and precise implementation with almost zero risk.

What We Do

We specialise in providing dedicated offshore staff, saving 60% - 70% of your local costs while freeing you up to focus on growing your business. No lock-in contracts demonstrates our confidence in our methods and the quality of our resources. Some of our services are listed below but not limited to:-